Single wheel diablo shotblast machine

A factory refurbished single wheel diablo type shotblast machine.

  • Single 11kW wheel motor
  • 2m powered conveyor each end
  • 4000cfm dust collecter unit
  • Main machine size (approx) 9m long x 2m wide x 4.7m high
  • Total power required (approx) 25kW
  • Cylinder size min / max   Ø 100mm / 230mm
  • Cylinder length min / max  930mm / 1750mm
  • Cylinder max weight  80kg
  • Refurbished electrical control panel

Can be seen at our works.

Cost ex. works £24,950


Diablo shot blast machine

4 Wheel plate and section machine

1m x 500mm opening
Factory refurbished plate and section shot-blast machine
New electrical control panel
New pneumatic control system
4 off 5.5kW wheel motors
3m inlet and 3m outlet powered conveyor
No extractor but can quote for new / refurbished one

Ex works cost – £30,000



New cnc machine

Our new  5 aixs CNC milling machine is installed and cutting metal. We are still not using it to its full potential, there’s a lot to learn!