Automatic Equipment

Automatic Equipment

The main principal of shot blasting lies in propelling abrasive media at high speed, in a controlled manor at the work being processed, thereby removing the surface contaminates due to the abrasive impact.

The system of shot blasting using an impeller wheel is more productive than compressed air and achieves a constant uniform surface finish at a lower cost.

Selecting the type of shot blasting machine depends on the size and shape of component parts, the condition of the surface to be cleaned, final surface finish and production requirements.

Generally automatic shot blasting machines comprise of the following sub-systems;


  • Blast wheel assembly to propel the abrasive in a controlled manor
  • Heavy constructed blast chamber fitted with wear resistant lining
  • Dust extraction and ducting to remove dust form the machine
  • Component handling system
  • Electrical control equipment

The component to be processed determines the design of the plant, this could take the form of;

  • Overhead conveyor
  • Roller conveyor
  • Endless belt conveyor
  • Diablo conveyor
  • Rotary table
  • Rubber or steel tumble blast

Rarely, are there any two identical plants, machines are designed to suit customers requirements.

From our initial contact, we will use our experience and knowledge to recommend a machine suitable for your requirements.

Furthermore, J.Reid Engineering will install and commission at your site and offer a tailored service and maintenance schedule if required. This will keep your machine working in optimum condition and will reduce any major down time, which can often happen at the most inconvenient times.

  • 3 wheel overhead conveyor cylinder blast cleaning machine
  • 12 wheel compound machine


  • 4 wheel 1.5m x 0.5m plate and section machine – with brush and blow off
  • 1.5m x 0.5m plate and section machine
  • Automatic internal cylinder abrasive cleaning machine
  • Control Panel
  • Typical wheel hood and wheel components we manufacture and can supply from stock
  • 8 Wheel Compound Machine
  • Section through a typical blast cabinet
  • Automated 5 axis cylinder handling equipment