Surface Preparation Module

J.Reid Engineering’s dedication to quality has generated a reputation for reliability, longevity and well-designed efficient products.

Shot blasting irregular shaped components has often taken place without much thought to health and safety, sometimes outdoors in an uncontrolled environment.

With increasing concerns about operator safety and environmental impact, J.Reid Engineering has the solution in the form of their ‘Containablast’ surface preparation module.

The basis of our portable ‘Containablast’ units is a new robust shipping container which lends itself perfectly for conversion. The container is then modified to house a host of equipment providing a self contained portable blast room, simply requiring compressed air and electrical connections.

Each unit is fully assembled at our works for inspection prior to delivery. Comprehensive operator training can be undertake at our works or your site when the unit is installed. Click the above image to watch video of the installation and operation of the Containablast unit.

Our equipment is suitable for a wide range of abrasive media including but not limited to :-

  • Steel shot
  • Steel grit
  • Chilled iron
  • Aluminium oxide
  • Glass bead

The container is fitted with a bulkhead to provide two rooms, the blast room and a service room.

Blast room fitted out with :-

  • Main doors suitable interlocked – to prevent blasting with doors open.
  • Operator door – as a means of exit if main doors are stuck, also interlocked.
  • LED lighting.
  • Emergency lighting.
  • Steel floor with side shedders.
  • Cross screw conveyor at the bulkhead.
  • Air inlets providing ventilation for blast room and good operator visibility.
  • Shot-blast quality rubber lining  of room.

Service room fitted out with :-

  • Lockable access door
  • Abrasive elevator
  • Abrasive airwash unit
  • Blast pot with control equipment
  • Breathing air filter for operator
  • Dust extractor
  • Electrical control equipment
  • LED lighting
  • Externally mounted silencer



Available in the following sizes:-

  • 6m   container providing a 4.4m long x 2.2m wide x 2.3m high blast room. Requires 5kW
  • 9m   container providing a 6.5m long x 2.2m wide x 2.3m high blast room. Requires  5kW
  • 12m container providing a 9.5m long x 2.2m wide x 2.3m high blast room.  Requires 7kW

Optional extras

  • Operator alarm system.
  • Side access doors can be fitted to assist with component loading / unloading.
  • Component support jigs – to suit customer requirements.
  • Component bogie – to suit customer requirements.
  • Recovery system upgrades, from our standard single bulkhead cross screw up to full floor recovery.
  • ATEX rated dust extractors.
  • Observation windows.

Equipment hire

We aim to have a 6m unit always ready for immediate  sale or to hire. They can be used with all commonly available recyclable abrasives.

We can offer the following :-

  • Long or short term hire. Minimum hire 4 weeks.
  • Comprehensive operator training.
  • Minimal set up time. Only requires suitable electrical supply and adequate compressed air supply.
  • Simple operation and maintenance requirements.
  • Cover for factory re-locations.
  • Cover for main plant while being refurbished.
  • Competitively priced PPE can be supplied to suit the number of operators that you have.

The list is endless. We are confident that when you hire one of our units you will not want to return it! With this in mind, we can offer cost advantages if you decide to buy the unit.


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